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Nice - but website not usable on iPad

Just installed this app and it works nice, wintered the public toilets of my home town - worked well, too. The only problem is that opening hours of toilets cannot be entered/changed from within the app. You need a browser for that - but the embedded Google map on their website is slow (with the iPads Safari, even with 3G) and the toilets cannot be selected... Thus only 3 stars

error message - its doesnt work

apache error message - app fails to launch nothing on the support website

Not working on iPhone6 iOS 8.1

It keeps getting stuck on the "First time setup" page. That would be actually zero stars. Please fix this.


I gave it 1 star for the idea however it doesnt work at all no matter what area your in. To top it all off it asks you to supply toilets youve seen !!!!! WTF

Has potential,but needs some work

Its a good idea,but it really needs some work in the location awareness (saying that Im over 2000 miles west of where Im located) maybe add the ability to set the city we are in. As a guy I dont really get the sit or sqaut thing, maybe needs a stand and piss option..anyway I think it will be a huge benefit for travellers once all the bugs are worked out.

Great idea

Im a crohns suffer so for me this is a great idea. If we all log toilets it will be that much better. Ive always just searched for hospitals in the area as theres always a bathroom by the main door.

Good idea, but....

Crashes frequently when updating info. Hopefully am update will fix this. Fully working would rate 4 star.

they did improved

I see a lot of low rates but after 3.0 they did improved a lot. The app working on my 3GS pretty well but needs more resources. For a free app~it is great enough.


I should have read the rewiews instead of just downloading . Live and learn.

Getting worse, not better

A half year after my first review I found that the improvements have been more cosmetic than substantial. Where is the ability to add bathrooms when you do NOT have an Internet connection. It should be simple: buffer to hold the info till next time you start the app in a service area. Why should I suffer for not using 3G? Obviously you cannot FIND a bathroom without a connection as you would need to store world map & details and thats a bit much. After updating my iPhone o/s I now find this app locks up almost continually. I have also noticed that restroom locations I added have shifted on the maps so that they are no longer shown in the right spot.

Worth It

Well, I see a lot of bad reviews here, so Im gonna chime in. Reason why I gave it such a high rating is because it has literally saved me from peeing my pants. I had to pee so bad, and I was in an industrial area where its anyones guess as to which direction led to a place with a washroom. I was literally going to pull over and just pee on the side of the road, but I managed to hold it in. Now, this app would have gotten 5 stars if it only wasnt so buggy. It crashes, and freezes, and when I try to add pictures it glitches out. Also, I just tried to recently add a washroom and it wouldnt let me, saying something about having to go to the website to upgrade my account or something like that. And when I go to the website on my phone, it says "too many redirects," so I cant even go to the website! I would give this app 1 star for all of this, but it HAS saved me from having to pee my pants. So, the best I can give it is 3 stars.

Absolutely useless

Nothing but an error message when trying to open this app!! Absolutely frustrating!! I just deleted it!!

Error report pop up...

Installed, opened and "error" popped up .. Could not get out of "error" after retrying a couple times so deleted. It was also asking if I had a data plan which I do. Please fix.

Error message only

Cant rate the app as it does not work. Get it working and I will give it a better rating.

This app is useless

I cant really give it a review because it wont let me open the app. Every time I open it it wont load, it gives me this big error every time. I do not recommend this app its a waste of time to download it you cant even open it. So if maybe if you can open it Id give it a better rating but Im at right now Im wishing I can give it zero stars Thank you

Is this fit for the iOS4?



一応、常備アプリのひとつではありますが・・・コンセプト自体は非常にいいんだけど、アプリ自体が基本的に米国内での使用しか考えてないようなので★3つ。 日本国内での利用に限って言えば、「ウォシュレットの有無」とかの項目があるといいなぁ、と。 全体的にはもっと「カワイイ」画面デザインを希望します。 It is one of the apps are standing there for me. While the concept itself is very nice, but Rated is 3 stars. Because only the United States to use the application region. As far as use in Japan, "the presence of Washlet," I hope there are other items, and more. Overall, more "cute" would like to design the screen.

First time run fail

First time run fails, so cannot run app at all. iPhone 4

worst user experience EVER

Id love to add a screenshot of my first impression... whole screen of incomprehensible error message. I dont even understand whats wrong. and Im a programmer.

Broken on first run

This app has really done to the dump, so to speak.

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